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I develop product visions, strategy and  meaningful experiences to improve people's lives and the world.

Improving Cross-Functional Collaboration and Accelerating Innovation

I am committed to building high functioning teams that can drive business impact through unique and highly crafted product experiences. I am Passionate about human centered design and elevating the role of design in organizations.

Accelerating Innovation  Launching Products 
Aligning Stakeholders 
 Problem Solving   

Rapid Experimentation

I inspire, train and lead teams

In addition to working closely with teams from a wide range of companies to deliver high quality product outcomes, I also develop and teach processes and methodologies that enable people to collaborate more effectively to launch successful human-centered products. 


“The world's next generation of innovative products & services needs more, stronger, design-driven leaders & facilitators. We're honoring stand-out facilitators we've worked with or learned from. The first to make our list is Kai Haley.

Kai pulls triple duty here...First, she facilitates sprints and innovation programs within Google and for their client partners. Second, she runs Google's Design Sprint Academy which trains all of the future Googler facilitators. Third, she puts the design sprint community on her back by organizing the highly coveted annual Sprint Conference each year -

Daniel Stillman & Jay Melone of Innovation Leadership Accelerator

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